Let Love take the Lead

Discussing love in a working context can sound really corny. I’ts not. I would dare to say that Love is all we need. need. Love. To love

Well, let’s see why:

About self-love:  We must have a lot of self-love to go to work every day and know how to deal with all the good and less good subjects which arise in the workplace.

Love for others:  We really  need to love the people who work with us on a daily basis so everything runs smoothly. If this requirement is not met, we may have to struggle with an environment of confrontation, disagreement, and other unpleasant facts that will hinder our work. You may ask: “Anabela, we don’t have to be friends to work with someone else, do we? Yes, you’re absolutely right. But not all forms of love are friendship, some are just respect. And it’s that respect we all need, every single day.

Love for your work: Do you have to make a big effort to do things? Do you feel demotivated?  Are you doing things in effort? Are you demotivated? Do you take too long to do your tasks? Have you lost the love you had for your job? Well there are two things (more in fact…) that you can do: 1) either you change your job; 2) or you recover the love you’ve “lost”. For either choices, there are a wide variety of options and ways to to it and there are also qualified people in the market who can facilitate this process for you.

Love for your workplace: Do you need natural light? You should ask. Do you need another chair? Ask for it. Do you need another computer? Ask for it. Persist. Insist. It’s your life 8/9/10 hours a day. Go after what you want or need. Make it happen! That’s what it’s all about! Teach other people to love! What mankind needs, what is missing  in humanity is communication, pedagogy and love.

 “I’m a leader. Shall I show my love?” I was recently asked this question  in a public organization.  In my opinion, You must, in my opinion« hyou should show, practice, act and encourage love. It’s the only way you can contribute for a consistent and congruent working environment.

Obviously I am not refering to romantic love, the love that poets and singers mention. I am talking about respect for love, the one that is absolutely necessary and vital to the human being, it’s experience, vivacity, work, achievement and truth.

The truth is that:  if you do not ask for it, if you do not allow it, if you do not go after it, it will not happen. So make it happen! Make it happen!

PUBLISHED: LÍDER MAGAZINE | Ideas which look into the future. July, 15th 2019

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