I like bad people – the unpleasant, the apathetic and the arrogant

I like sad people. Those who bitter for nothing, have empty expectations and build castles on the sand that the sea will wash away.

I like angry people. I like those who are always miserable about their lives, who hate Mondays and who always have a bitter word to say about everything and everyone.

I like people who jump into conclusions. Those who think they know everything about you just because they’ve seen you, read you, or talked to you for a few minutes.

I like sick people. People who everybody calls bipolar or aggressive, people who are considered out-of balance.

I like mean people. Those who undermine others happiness, always try to go over everything and everybody.

I like frustrated people. Those who put their plans up there, and live up to other people’s expectations, want to be seen for what they don’t want to be and actually are not and so they become frustrated.

I like restless people. Those who live the adrenaline rush, they look for everything, test everything and never find themselves in nothing.

I like anxious people. The ones who anticipate everything, triangulate everything, think they know what’s going to happen next and realize it doesn’t. These people live in the future and the future doesn’t happen as they planned. Those who are so anxious that they bite their nails off just thinking about how things could of been.

I’m very fond of unfriendly people. The ones who think that everything is bad and horrible. If you greet these people and say good morning, their answer will certainly be something like: I don’t think so! These people twist their noses at everything create conflict with others so they can feel better about themselves. I really like unfriendly people.

I like antisocial people. Those who consider two people together a crowd. They are not introvert people, just “against” people. I really like antisocial people.

I like apathetic people. People who think nothing’s worth it, people who find no emotion in anything, who value nothing, who see no exit (or entry) in anything. I really like apathetic people.

I like rushed people. Those who are always busy. The ones who never have time for anything. The ones with busy schedules but empty agendas. These people are  always late for everything because they had something before. I love people who hustle and bustle!

I like arrogant people. Those who consider themselves super-important, very well-known and that everyone likes them. These people act like kings and queens and think they are masters of everything, they do think that the rest of humanity are dumb and stupid. I like arrogant people so much!

I like cheeky people. Those who think they’re the best, so everyone will fall at their feet. Cheeky people will look down and laugh of those who won’t want them – these are abused and sassy people and I just love them!

I’m very fond of authoritarian people. The ones who want to, can and will do! Who want it done yesterday. Those who force others to do what they want and will speak up and complain in public, in front of colleagues, saying it was all done wrong. I really like authoritarian people.

I really like miser people. The kind that kill for a euro and die for a penny. The ones who make more and more plans to get something from others and after they draw, they want even more. Those who keep the money “under the mattress” and think that it all comes down to money. Money pays for everything.

I really like all these people. They have an incredible energy, they just don’t know how to  channel it the right way and on behalf of humanity. I am able to make it easier for them. I can get them to channel their energy in their favor. If I don’t succeed to, other people in my team will.

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